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Post-Conviction Attorneys in Arlington

Your Trial Doesn't Have to Be the End

It can be easy to feel as though your conviction was the end of your hope. If you were previously convicted of a crime, we want you to know that your case does not have to be over. If you have been found guilty, you may be entitled to an appeal. If you are living with a previous conviction that continues to affect your employment prospects, there could be a remedy.

Backed by more than 16 years of experience and a record of success, the lawyers at Labovitz Law Firm know how to navigate the legal system and fight for the best outcome on behalf of our clients. We are passionate about obtaining positive results that change our clients' lives for the better.

Call (817) 374-4056 to schedule a free in-person consultation to discuss your needs.

Labovitz Law Firm is a small criminal defense firm focused on the needs of our clients. We are able to give your case the personal attention and care it deserves. Our post-conviction attorneys in Arlington have extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and the appeals process. We take the time with each client to truly understand their situations and get them the legal help they need.

We assist clients with post-conviction matters including:

  • Petitioning for relief in the appeals process
  • Record expungement for arrests and convictions
  • Motions for acquittal or a new trial
  • Writs of habeas corpus to address unlawful detention

Call an Arlington Appeals Attorney to Learn More!

We fight aggressively to regain our clients’ rights and prove their innocence. We thoroughly review the original case for every detail that can be potentially used during an appeal. If you believe that you did not receive a full just trial for any number of reasons, we want to hear from you. What may seem like a minor legal error could be grounds for a successful appeal. There may have been insufficient evidence to support a verdict, or your original lawyer could have failed to suppress evidence which was obtained illegally. Sometimes a judge will make minor mistakes in jury instruction. We efficiently investigate for all of these possibilities and more in order to seek a solid strategy for post-conviction relief. Contact us for a free in-person consultation.

Your fight is not over! Call (817) 374-4056 to speak with our lawyers today.

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