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Arlington Domestic Violence Attorneys

You Don't Have to Fight these Charge Alone

Domestic abuse in Texas can refer to a wide range of violent behavior. While it typically involves violence between spouses, it can also include child abuse, abuse of an elder, or violence between roommates or partners. Like assault, it can be limited to threats of violence without any physical harm. If the prosecution in such instances can prove intent to cause harm or control through the behavior of the accused, they can secure convictions.

Take a look at the benefits of hiring our criminal defense firm:

  • Free consultations to get you started off on the right foot
  • Personalized solutions to your legal problems
  • Over 16 years of experience put towards your case
  • Small-firm attention and regular communication

Call Labovitz Law Firm for a free in-person consultation.
We can be reached at (817) 374-4056.

Do I Have Grounds for a Domestic Violence Case?

No matter what you have been accused of, you need to know that you have an advocate on your side. Accusations of domestic violence should not be taken lightly, as a conviction can affect you for life. For example, if convicted you could be prohibited from seeing your children or owning a firearm.

We provide representation for clients accused of a range of domestic abuse, including:

  • Domestic assault: Since battery is folded into assault in the state of Texas, domestic assault charges can still carry steep penalties if convicted. Domestic assault with injury can lead to up to a year in prison as well as a $4,000 fine.
  • Elder abuse: This can include emotional, sexual, or physical abuse of an elderly person. Depending on the circumstances, they victim can also file a personal injury claim against the accused.
  • Child abuse: These allegations can have a particularly damaging effect on your life. They can arise from simple discipline of a child by their parent or bodily injury.
  • Sexual assault: Accusations of sexual assault between roommates or spouses alike can fall under domestic violence. Bear in mind that the threat of sexual assault can be enough for charges to be filed.

Call an Arlington Domestic Violence Lawyer with 16+ Years of Experience!

At the firm, our lawyers understand that in heated circumstances, things can get blown out of proportion or false accusations can be made to use as leverage against you in other cases. We are here to tell your side of the story and fight for the best outcome on your behalf. The sooner you get a lawyer involved in your case, the better, so don't hesitate to get in touch with our firm.

Our domestic violence lawyers in Arlington are ready to discuss your case. Call (817) 374-4056 now.

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